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I offer my professional lipreading services to the media, the law sector, and for private commissions such as archive work.

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Are you a lipreader?

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"Papers today are fond of testing your knowledge. Here's something they haven't tried yet - lip-reading! First meet Con Ingham, who speaks but says nothing!" C/U of comedian wearing a suit and a boater hat. He speaks to the camera, moving his mouth exaggeratedly which makes it quite easy to see what he is saying by means of lip reading. "Hello everybody. How are you all?" He puts his hand to his ear and mouths the word "What?" Then "Oh, that's fine. So am I. How are all the folks at home? What? NO! Fancy that! That's awful!' Intertitle reads: "Did you see what he said? Yes? Well, follow him again - "

He mouths the words: "I am going to ask you something now. Are you? Yes I am." Intertitle reads: "Ready? Here's the joke - it's about a Scotsman. (The Manager knows it!)" Closer shot of Con. He says: "Have you heard the story about the Scotsman." He looks off to the side and says: "That's right" as if talking to someone in the audience who has called out. "Who gave the zoo five pounds? Have you? No? Neither have I!" He smiles as if this is a very funny joke! Intertitle reads: "Same joke, as Con Ingham heard it from a lady." Con does an impersonation of a gossipy woman telling the joke with lots of "So I said to him and he said to me" type ad-libbing. He laughs at his own telling of the joke.

Was an item in Eve's Film Review issue number 647.

Lipread with me

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Charlie's lipreading challenge

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Lipreading a royal wedding in France

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Closer, a major French weekly celebrity magazine, asked us to lipread the royal wedding in France.

Marie, one of our forensic lipreaders, went to France to watch the wedding of Prince Albert of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock for our client. Marie is French so she really enjoyed the opportunity to go home and meet up with old friends as well.

The wedding was (of course) very European, very bling, very glamorous. There were lots of big names in attendance so Marie enjoyed some celebrity-spotting too.

Who said lipreading was boring?

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