National Association of Deafened People Interview
by Viewtalk Current Affairs

Viewtalk reporters Sannah and Abigail interviewed a representative from the NADP, National Assocation of Deafened People to talk about the organisation, its aims, services, views on technology and provisions, and issues that deafened people face nowadays.
NADP is primarily for people who lipread and use spoken language as their main communication methods, however NADP provides information and resources that caters for all levels of deafness.
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  • NADP
  • Getting Involved
  • Aims and Founded
  • Services
  • Unique organisation
  • Common Issues for Deafened People
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Created: 6/1/11

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Hello, this is Sannah here reporting for Viewtalk. I am here in Wales, in one of their most popular vibrant city, Cardiff. Today I will be meeting representatives from different organisations to talk to them about their views on education, technology and issues faced by deaf people in society.

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