Deaf Parenting UK Conference
by Viewtalk Current Affairs

Viewtalk reporters Sannah and Lauren headed to London, on this beautiful sunny day to the Deaf Parenting UK Conference. DPUK was set up by mother, Sabina Iqbal and offers supports, motivation and advice to deaf parents. We attended the conference to listen to talks from professionals and spoke to parents, organisers, and people from the stalls.

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  •  Sannah's Introduction
  •  Lauren's Introduction
  •  The conference team
  •  Sabina Iqbal
  • Action Deafness
  •  Simeon Hart, Deaf Parenting UK Trustee
  •  Sabina Iqbal
  •  Professor Alys Young
  •  Brigitte Francois, Signtificant
  •  Sabina Iqbal
  •  Sabina Iqbal

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Sannah's Introduction

Created: 4/12/11

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