Deaf Awareness in Reading 2nd July 2010
by Viewtalk Current Affairs

We visited Reading to find out what this town knows about Deaf Awareness issues, their experiences of a deaf person, what advice/tips would they give to someone who has never met a deaf person before or what they should be aware of when communicating with a deaf person and whether they know any sign language.

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Created: 8/17/10

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C Caroline from Woodley
S Its Deaf Awareness Week, what do you know about it?
C Until you mentioned it, I didn’t know, so not very much actually
S Have you ever met a deaf person before?
C Yes I have met a few people who are deaf, my sister has partial hearing and is totally deaf in one ear and I work in a school where several students who are deaf
S What is your experience like working with them?
C Absolutely fine, no problems whatsoever
S What advice would you give to someone who hasn’t met a deaf person before?
C Don’t think of them as being any different. I am aware that you need to speak clearly, slowly and make sure they can see your mouth
S Do you know any sign language?
C I have learnt the alphabet
S Can you show it to the camera?
C If I can remember it……..A to Z. We work with guides and we learned the alphabet and the guide promise in sign language.

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