'Tribes' at the Royal Court Theatre
by Viewtalk Arts Reporters

'Tribes' by Nina Raine at the Royal Court Theatre is a play that focuses on the dissection of family, communication and social belonging. Viewtalk reporters Sannah and Lauren went along to the show in Sloane Square and asked people what they thought of the political and social themes of the play and the parameters of language.

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  • Tribes By Nina Raine
  • Jacob Casselden (plays the part of Billy)
  • Reporter Sannah's introduction
  • The Royal Court theatre in lights
  • Nina Raine's second play Tribes
  • Helen
  • Alison
  • Matthew
  • Richard Lee
  • Louise Marshall
  • Sarah Hudson
  • Harry Treadaway (plays the part of Daniel)

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Tribes By Nina Raine

Created: 11/2/10

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“I just thought everyone’s parents spoke like that. Then I realised.
Just like I thought everyone’s parents walked around in the nude shouting at each other.
They do.”

At the Royal Court theatre until the 13th November 2010.

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