Interview with Richard Weinbaum, DSPY
by Viewtalk Sports

Viewtalk reporters Sannah and Eleanor interviewed Richard Weinbaum who organised the Deaf Sports Personality of the Year back in November 2010. We asked him about the event, his views on sports and society, and what the future lies for sporting events and ceremonies for the deaf.

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  • Importance of Deaf Sports
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Getting Involved in DSPY

Created: 3/7/11

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SG: Hello my name is Sannah and I am a reporter for Viewtalk and am here today to interview Richard Weinbaum and to discuss his involvement with Deaf Sports Personality of the Year (DSPY) that was held in Nov 2010 and to get his viewson Deaf and mainstream sports in the UK.
Hello there!

RW: Hi!

SG: Could you tell me about your role and how you got involved with DSPY?

RW: I attended the BBC Sports Personally of the Year twice in Birmingham and once in Liverpool and whilst being at this fantastic event I realised that there is no equivalent for Deaf people. Last year I attended the Remark film awards and again felt that something similar was missing for Deaf Sports. I met with Jackie Harrison to discuss this further. A proposal was then sent to UK Deaf sports and it progressed from there.

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