Interview with RNID, Wales
by Viewtalk Current Affairs

Viewtalk reporters Abigail and Sannah visited the RNID Cardiff Office to interview Wendy Crook about the new name change, RNID services, views on technology and issues that deaf people face. RNID is a vital organisation for people with different levels of deafness to seek for support, equipment advice, care and information in the community and around.
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  • Introduction
  • Role and Getting Involved
  • Aims of RNID
  • Services
  • Importance of Services
  • RNID Name Change
  • Common Issues
  • BSL and Deaf Culture
  • Viewtalk and Technology
  • Contact
  • Textphone in the Lift!

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Created: 6/1/11

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Hello, this is Sannah here reporting for Viewtalk. I am here in Wales, in one of their most popular vibrant city, Cardiff. Today I will be meeting representatives from different organisations to talk to them about their views on education, technology and issues faced by deaf people in society

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