Tottenham Carnival
by Viewtalk Arts Reporters

On the 19th June 2010 our WInkBall reporters headed to the Tottenham Carnival where the Tottenham Carnival was taking place. Our WinkBall reporters spoke to many of thousands of partygoers and revellers filled the street in celebration of this years carnival, catching all the action.

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  • Tottenham carnival montage!
  • Girlband 'Freyer' performing at Tottenham Carnival
  • Girlband 'Freyer' backstage at Tottenham Carnival!
  • Harringey School  Music Group
  • Deaf Zone interviews!
  • More deaf zone interviews
  • Members of dance troupe 'Serenity'
  • Tottenham Carnival performer
  • Deaf Zone!!
  • Joyce from the  Harringey Youth Service tent
  • Girlband 'Serenity'
  • Harringey's very own MCs
  • Girlband serenity
  • Tottenham Carnival parade!
  • Tottenham carnival supporter
  • Chris Story, music teacher for Harringey School
  • Tottenham Carnival grounds
  • Tottenham carnival stalls
  • Music!
  • Nicky Price Chair of the carnival
  • Nicky Price Chair of Tottenham carnival

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Tottenham carnival montage!

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