Interview with Deaf Direct, Worcester
by Viewtalk Current Affairs

Viewtalk reporter Sannah interviewed Gordon Hay to tell us about Deaf Direct, the organisation, its services, his views on deaf culture and language and why it is a vital organisation for the deaf community.

Deaf Direct covers the Herdefordshire, Worcesteshire and Oxfordshire regions.

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  • Introduction and Being Involved
  • Founded and Based
  • Services
  • Importance of Deaf Direct
  • Common Problems Faced by Deaf People
  • Views on Deaf Culture and Language
  • Importance of Technology
  • Contacting Deaf Direct

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Introduction and Being Involved

Created: 4/26/11

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S- Hi my name is Sannah and I am here reporting for Viewtalk and I am here talking to Gordon Hay who is from Deaf Direct. I am here to talk to him about what the organisation offers and what it does for the Deaf community.

Hello, what is your role Gordon and how are you involved in Deaf Direct?

GH- I am the Information Development Co-ordinator and I signpost information that comes in to the two receptions. It could be information that needs to be passed on to Deaf people, it could be a forum, maybe the Deaf community want to set up a forum where there could be a hearing speaker and we would assist in breaking down the barriers and help build bridges, that kind of thing. It could be that a Deaf person hasn’t had good access at the hospital and not a very good service and we would help people improve on those services. We are on the internet and we have literature aswel that is my role.

S- Gosh you are responsible for quite alot then.

GH- Yes really the aim of Deaf Direct is to promote independence so that Deaf people and hard of hearing people in the community are encouraged to be independent to take the lead themselves rather than us holding their hands and give them the confidence so they can be independent and act on things themselves.

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