Deaf Awareness in Bristol
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We visited Bristol to find out what this town knows about Deaf Awareness issues, their experiences of a deaf person, what advice/tips would they give to someone who has never met a deaf person before or what they should be aware of when communicating with a deaf person and whether they know any sign language.

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Phil Glanville

Created: 8/17/10

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P- My name is Phil Glanville and I’m from Ashton in Bristol
S - Its Deaf Awareness Week this week, what do you know about it?
P - Very little. I’ve only just seen you.
S - Have you ever met a deaf person before?
P - Yeah, I’ve worked with deaf people
S - And what’s your experience been like working with them?
P - I think it’s very difficult for them. For me it’s not an issue, however I do feel their pain to some extent
S - And what sort of advice would you give to someone who’s never met a deaf person before?
P - Just treat them like normal people. They are no different. They can hopefully lip-read and hopefully they can lip-read this as well
S - Do you know any sign language?
P - No
S - Would you like to learn?
P - It might be useful at some stage

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