Walthamstow Deaf Club
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Viewtalk reporters Sannah and Abigail visited a social event that was happening on Wednesday 17th November at Walthmastow Deaf Club, in East London. We went along to meet the local deaf community, and talk to people involved in running the deaf club. We asked questions on how long they have been to the deaf club, what they enjoyed about coming here and what do they think about the future of deaf clubs.

Were you there? Or do you have a say about keeping deaf clubs open? Record your message and leave it here!

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  •  Abigail's introduction
  •  Jackie Benson, Club Secretary
  •  Suz Edwards, Chair
  • Tim Bonham-Carter, BSL Tutor
  •  Olivier Akpandja
  •  Philip Currington, Reception

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Abigail's introduction

Created: 11/19/10

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04-07-2013 By tani

i am daef yes