Central Berkshire Education Business Partnership (CBEBP) Interview
by Viewtalk Education

Viewtalk reporters Sannah and Eleanor interviewed two representatives from the CBEBP to talk about their organisations, their services, how they support deaf people locally, and their views on education and technology.

The CBEBP are based at the University of Reading, and have recently celebrated their one year anniversary establishing their organisation.

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  •  Central Education Business Partnership
  • Introduction and Q1
  • Diane's Introduction
  • CBEBP, aims and how founded
  • Anthony on the Aims of CBEBP
  • Supporting the Community
  • Alternative Programmes
  • Views on Specialised Education
  • Specialist Schools
  • Key issues in Education
  • Changes in Education System
  • Importance of Technology
  •  Contacting CBEBP

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Central Education Business Partnership

Created: 5/4/11

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