Interview with Samuel Dore
by Viewtalk Arts Reporters

Sannah visited Putney in London, to interview Samuel Dore a Bristolian Deaf Filmmaker, Graphic Designer and Photographer
Samuel Dore is well known in the creative arts industry especially in his film-making with roles as a director, producer and editor and with accompolished programmes such as See Hear, Maverick Films and Vee TV. He specialises in several areas; music videos, documentary, theatre, education, entertainment, drama and so on.

I will be asking him questions on how he got involved, his current projects, his style and vision, influences, achievements, future aspirations and so on.

For further information about Samuel's work check out his website:

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Created: 8/26/10

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Hi, I'm here today in London, an area called Putney to interview Samuel Dore who is well known in the deaf industry for his film-making and graphic designing. I will be asking him several questions of how he got involved, what his interests are, and lots of other things.

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