Deaf Awareness in Bolton 26th June 2010
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We visited Bolton to find out what this town knows about Deaf Awareness issues, their experiences of a deaf person, what advice/tips would they give to someone who has never met a deaf person before or what they should be aware of when communicating with a deaf person and whether they know any sign language.

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Created: 8/16/10

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My name is Mark and I am in charge of the Air Cadets at 80 Bolton Squadron, based here in Bolton.
S - And its Deaf Awareness week coming up, what do you know about it?
M - I don’t know too much about Deaf Awareness Week, I know of it because I’ve seen some advertising on the TV about it. I’m aware that some of our cadets sometimes have some hearing difficulties, so I’m always aware of that classed as a disability within the Cadet Core. So I’m quite useful that I’ve seen things about it.
S - Have you met a Deaf person before ?
M - Oh many times. From completely deaf to people who have partial loss of hearing, including my father in law, who is deaf on one side.
S - What has your experience been like with them?
M I think experience is very odd. Once you get used to it, it’s quite easy. But sometimes, I have to spend a little more time listening. I need to understand about the person as well. You make the assumption that everybody can lip-read and that’s not always the case. Usually, when you get partial deafness, people I know there, don’t tend to lip-read. You have to learn to live with and to talk with them on one side maybe a little bit better. You need to be aware a lot more.
S - Do you know any sign language ?
M - I know a little bit. I know this sign for telephone. I know some others, but very very few.
S - Can you give us one word that you know in sign language ?
M - No, I don’t know a word in sign language.

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