Interview with Robert Adam, DCAL
by Viewtalk Education

Viewtalk reporter Breish interviewed Robert Adam, who works for DCAL to ask him about the organisation, the work they do, his views on education, sign language, and the success of the Roadshow events DCAL has been doing.

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  • Role & Getting Involved
  • About DCAL
  • DCAL Roadshow Aims
  • Why DCAL is important?
  • Sign Language & Deaf Culture
  • DCAL's Research
  • Barriers for Deaf People
  • Concerns about Deaf Schools Closure
  • Technology
  • Future for DCAL
  • Contact
  • Hopes & Dreams

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Role & Getting Involved

Created: 7/13/11

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BR: I’m here today to talk to the organiser of the DCAL road show. Can you tell me your name, your role and how you became involved with DCAL?

RA: Hi my name is Robert Adam; I work for DCAL as a researcher. We were given funding to organise 6 road shows across Britain and our team are responsible to plan this, hence the reason we are here today.

BR: Can you tell me a little more about what you do at DCAL and how became involved in the organisation?

RA: I have been involved in researching sign language for a while now so I decided to get involved in Dcal to support the team of researchers. I have been involved in a few different projects and have been responsible for collecting data, interviewing people, filming, analysing and working alongside the team at DCAL.

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