Interview with Charlie Swinbourne
by Viewtalk Arts Reporters

Viewtalk reporter Sannah headed to London to meet writer Charlie Swinbourne who has been well known in the deaf community for his work, in theatres and short films. We asked about his interest in writing, his experiences, future plans and inspirations.

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Introduction and Q1

Created: 2/3/11

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Hello my name is Sannah and I’m a reporter for Viewtalk. I am here today to meet Charlie Swinbourne who is a well known writer in the Deaf community. He has also worked in mainstream theatre and has his own blog page. I am here today to talk about his writing experience.
Q: How did you become interested in writing and how did it all start?
A: It all started at university when I wrote a weekly column in the student newspaper about people’s views on university life etc, I really enjoyed this and after finishing university I started working in Television in the London area. At that time there were very few stories about Deaf people and after working in Television I became more and more interested in this area. At that time there were lots of things I wanted and say, I did this through either through writing scripts, interviews or writing articles covering a range of topics. I would probably write a script if I felt it was best to put a real situation into a story. When writing a script it’s really about me expressing my points of view but at the same time ensuring that it is entertaining so that the audience can laugh or cry and the story ends up having a big impact on them.

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