Interview with Hearing Times
by Viewtalk Current Affairs

Viewtalk reporter Ellie interviewed Helen Dewey, Editor of The Hearing Times; the newspaper for the deaf and surrounding communities. Helen told us about the themes and issues covered in The Hearing Times, coverage of deaf education and the government cuts, how new means of communication have supported the deaf community, and how you can get involved with the paper!

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  • Getting Involved and Role
  • Importance of Hearing Times
  • Themes and Issues covered
  • Change of communication methods
  • Growing means of communication methods
  • Deaf Education
  • Key concerns in Deaf Community
  • Government Cuts
  • Contact and contributing

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Getting Involved and Role

Created: 6/16/11

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ED: Hi, I’m Ellie and I’m reporting for Viewtalk today. I’m here with Helen Dewey, who is Editor at the Hearing Times and we’re going to be talking about her role at the Hearing Times and the part that the Hearing Times plays in the Deaf Community. Hi ....

HD: Hi.

ED: Can you tell us a little bit about your role at the Hearing Times?

HD: Yep, sure. As Editor I have to co-ordinate all the content that the freelancers submit. We work only with freelance writers. We’ve got a team of about 30 at the moment. They’re based across the UK which is how we get UK coverage. They are commissioned for stories or they find their own stories and then they submit them and then I start editing them. Every piece that goes in the newspaper goes past me and that takes a lot of work each month and then we do layout, spell checking and then finally it goes to print and then we let our subscribers know each issue is out, every month.

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