Deaf Awareness in Plymouth
by Viewtalk Current Affairs

Viewtalk reporters Ellie and Sannah visited Plymouth on 15th May to ask locals about their knowledge on Deaf Awareness Week, on meeting a deaf person, their experiences on communicating with a deaf person and ways of adapting their communication methods.

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  • Ellie's Introduction
  • Sannah's Introduction
  • Tony Hertsman
  • Lewis Breed
  • Gary Bailey
  • Phillip
  • Pamela Stimms
  • Cheryl Ballpet
  • Rachel
  • Kelly
  • Nick Vaughan
  • Thomas
  • Sarah Hansen
  • Lee Swanton
  • Charlie Aldridge
  • Fiona Witting
  • Fay Share-Grey
  • Dean Frost
  • Jeremy Rickard
  • The Barbican in Plymouth
  • Plymouth Harbour

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Ellie's Introduction

Created: 5/17/11

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Hi, I’m Ellie and I’m here in Sunny Plymouth today reporting for Viewtalk. We’re here talking to people about Deaf Awareness Week and their experiences with the Deaf Community and what they think is important when it comes to communicating with the deaf.

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